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Joining the Order of St. Luke


Initial Contact

The First Step

When initial contact is made the aim is to offer conversation and resources to familiarize seekers with whatever information and understanding of OSL that they seek.

The initial contact includes the Companion for Inquirers and Discerners (CID) welcoming the seeker and responding to any initial questions. The CID gets acquainted with the seeker, including “how did you hear about OSL? What interests you in the Order? Do you know a member of the Order? If so, who?

The Companion for Inquirers and Discerners then: a. (with the seeker’s permission) adds the seeker to the OSL Facebook group for Inquirers and Discerners. b. encourages the seeker to explore the OSL website points the seeker to exploration of the files on the Facebook group page for Seekers, Inquirers and Discerners prior to the next conversation and c. points the seeker to exploration of the files on the Facebook group page for Seekers, Inquirers and Discerners prior to the next conversation.

Second Contact

The Second Step

Second contact: The CID answers any further questions and determines what the seeker is prompted to do next: a. continue to read and pray (CID affirms this and extends invitation to stay in touch) b. or, end the search (CID thanks the person for their interest and invites them to pray for the Order and to continue to seek discernment of their vocation.) c. or, move to the next step of relationship (the Time of Inquiry). (CIPM explains what that involves [duration, mentoring, reading and reflection, engaging in relationship with the Order].) CIPM asks the seeker to complete the application for admission to inquiry form. This establishes a formal beginning.


Time of Inquiry

The Third Step

This is a time for persons who have made an initial contact with the Order and are sufficiently motivated to observe and share in our common life for a season. It is a period for “trying on the shoes” to see if there is a fit. It is a time to re-examine the direction of their intentions and commitment as baptized Christians. This time is somewhat analogous to the postulancy in traditional monastic and religious parlance. Inquiry provides time (1-4 months) for Inquirers to experience our common life through keeping the Rule of Life and Service in a relationship with a companion/mentor. Inquirers may end the time at any point without compunction. The question on the horizon for entry into the time of inquiry is: How is God prompting in me in relationship to the Order of Saint Luke? Is God calling me to participate and know what it means to share the Order’s sacramental life?

Time of Final Discernment (novitiate)

The Final Step

This is a time of training and testing prior to taking first public annual vows (Service of Profession), when one begins life in the Order as an annually vowed member. It is an extended time to “try on the shoes” by walking around in them for a while and know if the fit is right. It is a time of deep discernment of whether one is called to vowed religious life in the Order of Saint Luke. It includes times of study, prayer, living in community (retreat, chapter meetings or some other form of communal life—such as Order of Saint Luke Facebook page or one of our other Covenant Communities), studying and experiencing the vowed life, deepening one's relationship with God, and deepening one's self-awareness. It is a time of creating a new way of being in the world in relationship to the Order of Saint Luke.

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